GAMA Ingenuirity

Conceptual Design
Description: Develop the design concept by:

* Brainstorming the desired product's purpose, technology, functions, presentation, and market potential.

* Benchmarking similar products.

* Developing design and performance requirements.

Creating alternative conceptual designs.

Evaluating the design options.

Performing a preliminary patent search & evaluation.

Coordinating with the client to maximize the design potential.

Layout & Detail Design
Description: Develop the overall and detail design by:

* Quickly creating paper and Computer Aided Design models of design options.

* Developing a design layout for form, function, & coordination.

Develop detail design models & shop drawings.

Specify materials, components, processes, etc. for fabrication.

Stress, Dynamic & Thermal Analysis
Description: Develop classical and Finite Element Model (FEM) analyses of the design's mechanical and functional performance.

Stress analysis determines strength requirements and selects materials & dimensions.

Dynamic analysis evaluates vibration, shock, acoustic, or robotic environments, loads, responses, and sizing.

Thermal analysis determines temperatures, heater/cooler requirements, and environments.

Test & Development Engineering
Description: Product development support may involve functional, performance, or capability testing of prototypes or production articles at GAMA, your facility, or a test lab. Engineering design & evaluation of tests can maximize the probability of success.

Manufacturing Support
Description: Manufacturing support includes:

* Selection of vendors & commercial components.

* Coordination of processes & operational steps.

Assurance of quality & repeatablity.

* Minimzation of tooling & production costs.

Quick-Look Design Support Specials
Description: GAMA offers a free initial consultation of up to one hour at your local premises to discuss your product design requirements and concerns. This consultation is to familiarize us with your operation and your product as well as to show you our capabilities and how we can benefit your bottom line. If our services can help, we offer quick-look design support for as little as a $250 fixed fee.


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